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August 05, 2008


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Joao Alves

Thank you, Amy, for linking to Sylvia's post about facilitation skills. It was interesting to know about them. I can't think of any one else at the moment.

Deb Thompson

Hi Amy,
A skill I seem to need to use quite a bit in my own community is what I like to call 'matchmaking'. If I think that someone else has the knowledge/skills to help someone else then I connect them together somehow. Sometimes it feels a bit like strong arming, guilt making attempts to get someone to help the other person, but often it gives the 'knower' the confidence to be more of a leader in the community.

Amy Lenzo

Great suggestion!

I know in the World Café community it's often co-founder David Isaacs who plays that "matchmaking" role - for the most part I've found that people love being matched up when they have something specific to give and someone else needs that precise thing.

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