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About Amy

Amy Amy lives in Richmond, California, where she runs Clear Light Communications, a design company that helps people all over the world share their vision online - she co-creates websites, blogs, ezines, webinars and other online communication vehicles for those people & organizations who are doing their part to restore wholeness in the world.

She is also co-founder and current editor for an online journal on ecopsychology, Gatherings, and part of a collaborative blog on ecopsychology, where she writes on Art & the Environment.

Personal Statement:
I know that human beings exist as part of an interconnected, perfect whole. We are each a vital part of this dynamic ‘web of life’. To recognize this, and be able to help foster that recognition in others, is deeply joyful and profoundly healing work. When we recognize our connection with all that is, we enter into a complete acceptance of ourselves and begin to live in true relationship with each other, with the natural world, and with the Divine.

My own passion is in the power of creativity, and in using my creative expression - of word and sound and image and movement - to evoke and nurture this awareness of our place in the universe, our profound interconnection with all life.

I'm dedicated to discovering and embodying a new of way of 'being' online... I want to foster a more 'feminine' approach to technology that holds Beauty at the center of all we do. Beauty at the center of our online environments that creates the 'look and feel', Beauty in our decisions about how we adapt & develop technology for our essential needs, and Beauty in the ways we interact with each other, as collaborative work teams and in respectful curious heart-full online conversations.

Another area that fascinates & challenges me, and is the focus of much of my intellectual & creative inquiry, is the study of art as a language that transcends paradox. What are the qualities that allows art to hold the incredible (apparent) paradoxes of our life without getting all twisted up in knots with contradiction? That's where I want to go...


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